Jaws or The Booby and the Beast - 
Gabon 2011

Once upon a time a thresher shark and a brown booby were feeding in peace and harmony on a shoal of fish. Then the shark decided to take a closer look at the booby…

Shark-attack-2---Peaceful-coexistence---MEB 5056   Shark-attack-3---Approaching-each-other---MEB 5069

So he swam right up to him and they came face to face. They stared each other in the eyes until at last it dawned on the booby that evil was lurking close by…

   Shark-attack-6---Oh-oh!---MEB 5074

“Oh shit!” thought the booby and beat a hasty retreat. The big, bad shark lunged forwards and almost managed to grab the frightened booby by its tail.    

Shark-attack-7l---Attack!---MEB 5075

Shark-attack-8---Quick!---MEB 5076   Shark-attack-9---Not-safe-yet!---MEB 5077

With desperate flapping of his wings the booby managed to escape by a feather’s breadth – not a second too soon.

Shark-attack-10l---Desperation---MEB 5078

After its successful and timely escape, the booby circled around to have a good look at its adversary – no doubt giving him the bird…    

Shark-attack-11---Only-just---MEB 5079   Shark-attack-12---Safe!---MEB 5083

… and unbelievably, it landed right next to the shark again! Looking at the size of the shark, one has to wonder if tempting fate a second time really is a good idea? Maybe that’s how the booby got its name!

Shark-attack-13---Tempting-fate-again!----MEB 5094   Shark-attack-15---Do-you-really-want-to-mess-with-him----MEB 5101

And they all lived happily ever after… (Maybe! Depending on just how hungry the big, bad shark was...)

 All photos and content © Maren Reichelt & Mick Baines