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Below is an assortment of links that we have found useful, mainly in planning our journeys. We've also included links specific to some of our particular interests in wildlife.

About Elephants

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - raises and rehabilitates orphaned elephants and rhinos in Kenya:

Save the Elephants - research on elephants in Samburu, Kenya, and other parts of Africa:

Amboseli Trust for Elephants - one of the longest running studies on elephants in Kenya (and the world):

Elephant Voices - lots of imformation on elephants and their vocalisations as well as a photo-ID catalogue of elephants in the Masai Mara:

Elephant Listening Project - research on the forest elephants of West Africa:

Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V. - a German non-profit organisation supporting several elephant-related projects in different African counries:


Everything one needs to know when crossing the sahara:


Our cook Charles' safari outfit:

Cruising Cruisers -
car hire for classic Toyota 4x4 cars:

Erikson Rover Safaris -
car hire for classic Range Rovers:

Karen Camp -
a haven for self-drivers and overlanders in Nairobi:

Indaba East Africa -
stopover for self-drivers and overlanders in Nairobi:

The Fairview Hotel - a great place to start and end your safari in the centre of Nairobi:

Macushla House - a great privately run guest house in Nairobi:

Kenya Wildlife Service - information on all the National Parks, entrance and camping fees:


Mistral - travel agent in Libreville, Gabon:


Wilderness Explorers - travel agency in Georgetown, Guyana:


Echidna Walkabout - tour operators for wildlife watching and nature tours in the Melbourne area:

General Travel

JimB Sail (run by Mick’s brother!) - A mine of information for skippers cruising in European waters:

Andalucia Bird Society - English-speaking organisation for birdwatchers in Andalucia, southern Spain:

Reiseberichte mit Fotos aus aller Welt - German website full of travel reports from around the world:

A Vacationer’s Guide to Whale Watching - Whale watching information on a website that offers vacation rentals world-wide:

About Marine Mammals

Espaço Talassa - whale and dolphin watching tours in Pico, Azores, who also run a small hotel and restaurant:

Turmares - whale and dolphin watching trips into the Straights of Gibraltar from Tarifa, Spain:

European Cetacean Society - forum for all marine mammal researchers in Europe and the wider world:

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