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During the long hours stuck in front of a computer during our last job, we finally managed to upload a backlog of pages we had intended to get up and running for a long time. To make it easier for you to catch up with all that is new, here is a summary:


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The Carnivorous Mighty Mouse – A brief encounter with a chicken-eating mouse near Doñana’s Valverede visitor centre, as well as some photos of wintering cranes and geese, a black-shouldered kite and a hare seen during a day trip.

46---MM7 8613

The Incredible Adventures of “46” – Last autumn a racing pigeon turned up on our ship southwest of Ireland. This is the story of how he enjoyed a cruise and eventually found his way home again.

Travel Reports

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The Camargue in Winter – Photos mainly of the white adult Camargue horses and the brownish-grey youngsters, which we took during a brief stop-over in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in December.

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A Short Moroccan Adventure –  Last summer we toured parts of Morocco in our own car; we crossed the High Atlas twice, spent some time on the edge of the desert, had a look behind the scenes of a film studio in Ouarzazate and visited the famous mud-brick kasbah of Ait Benhaddou.

Travels on the Wild Coast - Part 5: Kaieteur Falls – This was the last outstanding part of the trip report of our journey through Suriname and Guyana. We spent an amazing time at the spectacular Kaieteur Falls where we saw giant tank bromeliads, the golden rocket frog and the bright orange Guianan cock-of-the-rock.

Panorama1 7xpanb


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Saca de las Yeguas 2013 – We were lucky enough to be around to see the round up of the wild horses again. We watched horses being driven through the sandy streets of El Rocío and later found ourselves in the middle of a galloping herd in the pine forest near Almonte.

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Romería 2013 – We witnessed different stages of the great pilgrimage to El Rocío: the brotherhood of Huelva leaving the city centre and later making their procession in El Rocío, and the brotherhood of Lucena del Puerto having a final fiesta on their return from the pilgrimage. 

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Sevilla’s Feria de Abril 2013 – Every year in April there is a big fiesta in Sevilla, where people come together in tents to eat, drink, dance and chat. People turned out in their finery promenade on horseback or in carriages, and there is also a fun fair for the more adventurous youngsters.


Ocean Life

Porcupine Seabight – One of our jobs took us to the Porcupine Seabight off southwest Ireland where we were excited to see large numbers of common dolphins, pilot whales and fin whales. We even had some spectacular close encounters with the biggest animals on the planet – the mighty blue whale!

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