Festive Season on the Geo Celtic


You might think we had drawn the short straw by spending Christmas and the New Year offshore. In fact, the amazing catering staff on the good ship Geo Celtic spoiled us rotten! We had a whole series of fantastic meals, all presented with fantastic artistic flair. There were whole roast suckling pigs and lambs, a seafood extravaganza and some dangerously traditional Norwegian specialities for the initiated. 

MM7 2221   MAR 6911

MAR 6919

MAR 6954

Every meal was lovingly presented with stunning decorations that on closer inspection turned out to have been carved from fruit and vegetables. 

MAR 6924   MM7 2226

MM7 2227   MAR 6966

The melon figures were especially captivating! The bunny seams to have been in hiding since Easter...

MAR 6933   MAR 6913

MAR 6942-cropped   

Chocolates and cakes were in abundant supply for anyone with any space left.

   MAR 6968

With a final flourish the Joker appeared.

MAR 6973

Here's the team who put it all together (minus the night shift who were asleep when we took the photos). Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity that made our Christmas and New Year very memorable! 

MM7 2213

 All photos and content © Maren Reichelt & Mick Baines