Suriname again


After a two week trip to sample the terrestrial delights of Guyana, we returned to the offshore waters of Suriname. We took a lot of photos in Guyana, and still have not had time to assemble the best into a web page. We hope to do so soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here are some pictures from Suriname.

Our first sighting of the trip also proved to be the most exciting. Melon-headed whales are one of our favourite species - some people call them Electra dolphins after their scientific name (Peponocephala electra), which seems appropriate given the way they dash about as though highly charged. Unusually everything came together at the right time - the animals came close, the light was right and we were even able to see their white lips and dark facial masks.

MEB 8436   MEB 8486

Another highlight was a large group of spinner dolphins that surprised us one evening just before sunset. It was only after closely examining the photos, that we spotted this really tiny calf!

MEB 9692   MEB 9809

The cast of birds had changed since our earlier visit. Gone were the large numbers of great and Cory's shearwaters, but masked (left) and red-footed (right) boobies had turned up to harry the flying fish.

   Red-footed-booby---MEB 8916

An immature laughing gull, probably only a couple of months old, turned up and stayed with us for about a week. We called him Larry, and discovered that while he loved fresh salmon and even roast potatoes, he turned his beak up at Brussels sprouts! In fact after he was offered the sprouts he decided to try his luck elsewhere and we didn't see him again!

Young-laughing-gull---MEB 9052   Young-laughing-gull---MEB 9027

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